The opening night of my photo exhibit “Stand Your Ground, The Sun Is Rising” (at Old Crow Gallery in Oakland, CA) was amazing – a packed house, photo sales, a presentation by “Rising from Tahrir” author Hoda Rashad (, the screening of the trailer of our documentary “Boys of the Bullet” (, so many great people and great discussion. We also made our first online fundraising goal for the documentary! Here is an excerpt from a review of my exhibit:

“Rahimi‚Äôs photographs are beautiful testaments to the protean nature of Egyptian life. A lone figure stands against a blazing Fayoum sunset. An older gentleman, bearded and refined, smiles for his portrait. A young man stands on the shoulders of a crowd on a busy city street; as the crowd looks on, he roars and brandishes a single finger against the sky, a challenge against the plume of smoke rising in the background. These are not merely images of conflict, nor are they aggressively sentimental pictures meant to push a cliched sense of shared humanity.

They are images that ultimately work to reaffirm the power of the image. These pictures have the power to grab you. Compellingly structured in both their composition and narrative, they stand as deeply moving portraits of a population working toward an unknown future.”Click for full review